Reviews of Best Professional Face Painting Kit for Kids

^ Face PaintsPaint those Faces

These are great for kids of all ages whether you are starting out learning to face paint for your child’s birthday party or you are getting them ready for Halloween. There are so many times of the year we decorate faces or maybe its just a fun activity to do with your child. This comes with your basic colors you will need and it also comes with two brushes. It easy to wash off and really that is a huge deal when it comes to face paint and kids. You don’t want to have to struggle to get it off when done and really that is the hardest part of it all. These are easy to use and you could even let the kids paint on each other but remember parents you can join in on the fun so make sure you paint your face as well. I did receive at a discount for my honest review and I really think these are great paints for kids and parents as well. So many times you could use them,


Very Nice Set, Conquers winter boredom

Face PaintsThese face paints arrived in their own cardboard box which will make them easy for gift giving. They will go well in a stocking. These can be used at birthday parties, festivals, church functions, sporting events, or just to break the boredom. They are nontoxic, water based, and hypoallergenic. They remove easily from both skin and clothing. The colors are yellow, red, blue, green, black, and white which can be mixed to create any color you wish. I am very pleased with mine and plan to slip them into a Christmas stocking.

Clint and Wendy

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