Review of Face Painting Brushes

ARTacts BrushesThis paint brush set covers nearly all types of brush strokes you would need. It ranges from thick and taut to small and thin. They even have labeled on then the difference sizes of the tips. This could be really awesome in the school setting. It’d be really easy to name off the side that’s labeled on the brushes, and that way the teacher wouldn’t have to physically show each student which price they are talking about.
When I receive these, the bristles were perfect yet stiff. The directions said to rinse them well and that really helped. The stiffness subsided, but they still held their shape and form. It wasn’t like I wash your hair spray and the bristles fell, it was just like a stiffening film. The bristles became soft yet still stood up if that makes more sense.
These brushes were absolutely perfect for face painting. They were really soft and I was able to do so much more than what normally comes in my face painting sets. Those brushes and sponges are normally really stiff and not exactly easy to use on a toddler’s face. My toddler actually sit still through most of his Batman face painting! That in itself says something about this product! The brushes were really easy to use, and so they were long, if you needed to hold the brush closer to the tip, it was comfortable in the hand and wasn’t too bulky. I really love the brushes. We not only did face painting, but to add to my daughters Wonder Woman look, I needed to use the makeup on her. These brushes worked great for that! And it was awesome because they work easily cleaned off. I highly recommend these brushes and hope my review help you today in your decision.

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